It's About Time


Prior to exporting, you must first import the timer list from QuickBooks in order to get the QuickBooks company information required for importing back into QuickBooks or manually enter this information in Settings

If you have time entries prior to version 1.0.9 that have not been exported, then they need to be assigned an employee prior to export. You can do this manually by editing each time entry and selecting an employee. If you don't set the employee manually, then the export utility will prompt you to set all un-exported entries. Then you will be able to select the employee and the app will assign it to the time entries. Then you will be able to proceed with the export.


Export time
Checking this field will include time entries in the export file.

Export invoices
Checking this field will include invoices in the export file.

Export expenses
Checking this field will include expenses in the export file.

Email exported data as attachment
Checking this field send an email to the address specified in settings after the export is complete.

Select an employee for which you want to export time. If an employee is selected, then only time entries for that employee are exported. You can leave this field blank and time entries for all employees will be exported.

Leave this field blank if you want to export all customers. Otherwise, select the customer that you want to export.

From date
Defaults to the first day of the current week.

To date
Defaults to the last day of the current week.

Delete time after export
Checking this field will delete the exported transactions.

Mark as exported
Checking this field will mark the transactions as exported.


Creates a file on the sdcard in folder called "Exported" in the "ItsAboutTime" folder with the format IAT_UUUUUU_YYYYMMDD_TTTTTT.iif where YYYYMMDD is the current year, month and day, TTTTTT is the time in seconds the file was exported and UUUUUU is the user name assigned in Settings. If you have entered an e-mail address in Settings and checked the email field above, then a new e-mail message is created with the exported file as an attachment. Copy this file to where you can select it from your QuickBooks application. In QuickBooks, select "File|Utilities|Import|Timer Activities" from the menu and select the file that was exported.

Exits the screen without exporting, returning to the time list.