It's About Time


Prior to importing into the It's About Time app you must first export data from QuickBooks. See Getting Started for this process.

NOTE: if importing multiple files, make sure to import the Timer List first. Then if you subsequently import items, make sure to check the box "Delete existing data first".


File exported from QuickBooks
This field will be automatically populated if you have copied a valid QuickBooks export file to the "ItsAboutTime" folder or the "DropBox" folder.

Choose file
Tap this button to open the dialog that will allow you to select a file if the file you are looking for is not specified above.

File information
This information will be displayed below the "Choose file" button and will describe the contents of the selected file, the date exported from QuickBooks and the company used in QuickBooks.

Delete existing data first
If importing timer activities, then when this field is checked, all existing Customers, Jobs, Items and Employees will be deleted prior to the import. If un-checked, the imported data will be appended to the existing data. If importing an item list and this field is checked, then existing items will be deleted prior to the import.


Reads the file specified on the sdcard and creates data in the app.

Exits the screen without importing.