It's About Time

Getting Started with QuickBooks

Exporting from QuickBooks

  • In QuickBooks, click the "File|Utilities|Export|Timer Lists" menu option
  • Save the export file (remember this file name and the folder where it was saved - it will be used later)

You can also export detailed item information and the chart of accounts if you will be creating invoices and/or expenses in the app.

  • Export other lists - in QuickBooks, click the "File|Utilities|Export|Lists to IIF" menu option
  • In the Export window that opened, click "Item List" and "Chart of Accounts" so that it is "checked" and then click the "OK" button
  • Again save the export file (use a different name than before and also write this file name down)

Now you will need to copy these file to your device using your preferred method.

Method A direct connection

  • Connect your phone to your PC with the USB cable
  • On your phone, pull the status bar down and select the USB connected message to mount the sdcard
  • Copy the exported files to the "ItsAboutTime" folder on the sdcard

Method B via email

  • Open your email client and start composing a new email add an attachment consisting of the file(s) exported and then send the email to the address you use on your phone
  • Once the email is received on your phone, save the attachment to the "ItsAboutTime" folder on the sdcard of your phone

Method C DropBox

  • When you are exporting the data from QuickBooks, save the files to your DropBox folder on your PC
  • Modify the settings in the It's About Time app for the DropBox import folder

Importing into It's About Time

  • Disconnect your phone from the USB cable
  • Run It's About Time on your phone
  • The app will automatically search in the folder defined in Settings for DropBox import
  • If a valid QuickBooks export file is found, then the import screen will be launched
  • Tap the field "Delete data first" so that it is checked (if you have existing data that you do not wanted deleted, then leave this field un-checked)
  • Tap the "Import" button
  • The import screen will be launched repeatedly for each valid QuickBooks export file that is found